Antipasti – Starters

  • Antipasto toscano Medicea

    Selected Tuscan salami, toasted bread with chicken liver patè, toasted bread with sliced tomatoes and sheep cheese (pecorino).

  • Il buongustaio

    Panna cotta Gorgonzola with Pecorino Cheese, truffle sauce, cured “cinta senese”pork loin And truffles shavings

  • Battuta di manzo

    Beef tartare hand cut with poached egg and yogurt and blueberry sauce.

  • L'Uovo

    Crispy yolk of egg on pecorino cheese foam

  • Il Golosone

    Ricotta goat cheese pie on pumkin cream.

  • La Triglia

    Red mullet with broad beans sautée, pecorino cheese and tomatoes.

  • L'osso buco di sedano rapa

    Celeriac like ``osso buco form`` with hazelnuts cream, tarallo (bread) and fresh trufle cream

  • Crostini misti

    Toasted bread with Colonnata lard and white beans, tomatoes, typical tuscan chicken liver patè, garlic with olive oil.

Le zuppe – Soup

  • La vellutata di funghi e tartufo

    Creamy soup of mushrooms and truffles

  • La vellutata di zucca gialla e moscardini

    Creamy soup of yellow pumpkin and moscardini octopus.

Dolci – Desserts

  • Tre in uno e il ``giusto equilibrio``

    ``Three-in-one” dessert selection consisting of crème caramel, panna cotta and amaretto biscuits

  • Il cremoso al olio d'oliva

    Olive oil and white chocolate cream on crumble of olive oil and bitter orange.

  • Cantucci al Vin Santo

    Classic tuscan cantuccini biscuits (toasted almond cookies), to dip in a glass of sweet wine (Vin Santo)

  • Ceesekake alla Nutella

    New York Style cheesecake with Nutella

  • Tiramisù a modo mio

    Tiramisù made with mascarpone mousse, ladyfingers and gianduja chocolate mousse

  • Bavarese delle Torri

    Tiramisù made with mascarpone mousse, ladyfingers and gianduja chocolate mousse

  • Cuor di Cioccolato

    Chetsnuts cake with molten chocolate center with vanilla ice cream

  • Lo spumone al cocco e nocciola

    Mouse of cocunait milk with hert of hezenuts.

Primi – First Courses

  • I paccheri ai frutti di mare

    Fresh pasta solted with sea fruit

  • Risotto Perucà

    Risotto with “cinta senese” pancetta, zucchini flowers and truffle shavings.

  • Fagottini del contadino

    Stuffed pasta (similar to ravioli) filled with sheep cheese and pears, covered with a saffron cream, garnished with pine nuts

  • Pici all'aglione

    Classic Tuscan long pasta with tomatoe, garlic and basil

  • Tagliatelle al ragu di selvaggina

    Fresh pasta with game meat ragu

  • I tortelli di cinta senese su crema di ribollita

    Tortelli fresh pasta filled with cinta senese pork, on cream of ribollita (vegetables cream)

Secondi – Main Courses

  • La ricciola

    Slice of amberjack fish baked served with olive, mushrooms and sesonal vegetables diced.

  • Cinghiale alla vecchia maniera

    Wild boar, marinated in red wine and spices, then stewed with vegetables and red wine.

  • Lo stinco d'agnello

    Lamb shank with carot air and liquorice.

  • Bacio di vitello

    Veal cheek whit hazelnuts mayonnaise and gerusalem artichokes.

  • Parmigiana di melanzane

    Baked eggplant, mozzarella of bufala in a sauce of tomatoes, parmigiano cheese and basil.

  • Dorsetto di Cinta Senese

    Spine of pork cooked a slow temperature with snow peas flan.

  • Il filetto di cinta senese

    Filet of pork warp with bacon on cream of gotus cheese, apricote and cabage.

  • Filetto Perucà

    Fillet of beef wrapped in strips of smoked pork lard and pancetta, laurel and garlic, served with beans cooked “al fiasco”(dry boiled, typical Tuscan style of cooking)

  • Filetto del ghiottone

    Fillet of beef with pecorino and truffle and a reduction of chianti wine.

  • Tagliata di manzo a piacere

    Sirloin steak grilled, sliced and: Pecorino cheese, or Porcini mushrooms, or Colonnata Lard, or Rosmary

  • Bistecca alla fiorentina

    Grilled T-bone steak

  • La terrina di Conigliolo

    Rabbit terrine with carrot in 2 cooking with olive and corn waffle.